measuremap : stats made easy

A couple of weeks back, I got my invitation to join the alpha test of measuremap. This was exciting, because I’d seen Jeff Veen give us a little preview talk about it at we05. It looked very nice then, so I was keen to get into it.

It is the nature of statistics tools that you need to build up some stats before they’re any use, so it was a week or so before I could really try out the tools. Once there were some figures to work with (albeit the feeble figures from this humble blog!), I could get a feel for where measuremap sits in the market place.

Well, actually, that’s pretty clear. This is stats reporting for the masses. I can take an apache log file and filter it and gather information, eventually boiling the lines of text to a simple, easily understood graphic. Measuremap does this (for blogs) with a single click. I have several clients who simply glaze over when they view even the relatively user-friendly AW-Stats pages on their sites, but I can imagine them not only understanding measuremap, but playing around with it… making comparisons and learning about the patterns of their visitors. That’s got to be a good thing!

Elegant, fun statistics: bet you never thought you’d see those three words in a sentence! If it’s screen grabs you want, go check out flickr.