a rose garden…

Victorian State Rose GardenNot just any rose garden, this is the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee Park. It even looks like an English Tudor Rose from the air.

The Mansion itself, just to the south west is a fabulous place to visit, and now incorporates a luxury hotel with more formal gardens all around. If you’re into horses, the National Equestrian Center is just to the north of the garden… and if horses aren’t exotic enough, there is always the Victorian Open Range Zoo (map), where you can visit a little African savannah in comfort. In fact, on the photo you can see a few of the tour buses as they visit the Rhinos, Giraffes etc.

The day the photo was taken, there seems to have been some kind of event on in front of the mansion. Nowhere near enough cars for it to have been the Harvest Picnic, which is held here annually, but there’s usually something going on.