wipe off that drool!…

As of last Tuesday’s Epicure liftout in The Age, everyone is discovering food blogs.

I’m a food lover – a bit of a cook – mostly an eater, who has long enjoyed the vicarious pleasure of food blogs. The epicure article was pretty good, highlighting a bunch of great blogs – some I’ve already seen, many I haven’t.

There are a couple I reckon they missed though, so I thought I’d fill in the gaps for those who’ve come in late:

  • Delicious Days: this blog is my favourite. All about food (of course!), Munich and the good life. Written by Nicky and Oliver, they just seem to love food and it comes through in careful writing and photos so good you’ll be drooling in your keyboard! A bonus for me is that they use the wonderful WordPress engine with a simple and elegant skin *applause*.
  • Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down – the name says it all. This was the first food blog for me – in fact, when it started, I don’t think it was a ‘blog’ in the true sense. Whatever, it has always been a site that celebrated two vital ingredients of modern life: the cup of tea and the biscuit. Wonderful!
  • I was just really very hungry – another great title, sadly, not updated as much as it used to be. It must be a bit of a burden maintaining a blog that many others read. Still this has some well written stuff and some great recipes. Hope they get the bug again soon!
  • foodgoat… something tasty every day – not as polished or precious as most food blogs, this one just makes me chuckle.

So, there you have it. I have it on good authority that you cannot get fat just looking! And when you’ve looked at these you can find links to most of the blogs mentioned in The Age article in my delicious/food category.