a naughty little cat

viv a the parkThis is viv, our cat, with his tail up in defiance despite being well out of his comfort zone. You see, we’d just gone down the park for a quick kick of the football and he followed us all the way. I tried to catch him to take him back to the house, but he’s quite good at staying out of reach.

Anyway, he ran around alternately looking fierce and terrrified – way too much excitement for a little boy. We headed back up the hill making sure he could see us and hoping therefore that he would follow.

At first, he stayed down among the trees, but in a stroke of good fortune a Crow decided he was either a bit of a threat or possibly an entree, and it swooped him with a loud caw. They were out of view just over the brow of the hill, but I think they actually engaged for a moment, before another crow came and Viv rocketed out of the trees and up the street toward us, straight under a parked car for shelter. He meekly followed us the rest of the way home – panting from either stress or tiredness. Naughty little boy!