our nuclear secrets laid bare!

lucas heights nuclear facilityYou’ve got to admire the level of self importance enjoyed by the staff of Australia’s only nuclear reactor, Lucas Heights. Apparently, there are calls to censor the google satellite images of the reactor [ ABC News Online ] as they may be used by terrorists.

The precedent has, it seems, been set by the blanking out of the roof of the White House (though they left the Pentagon untouched), so naturally the next logical step is Lucas Heights! Never mind that you can plainly view the rows and rows and rows of military hardware at any number of bases in the US.

So you’d better get a good look at it now. I think this is the top secret cooling pond – for staff!

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  1. Ah yes, but what you’re forgetting about the reactor’s pool is the sign you can say in the the 200%
    magnificaition. It quite clearly reads: No Bombing.

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