the oyster farmer…

the oyster farmerIf you haven’t seen the new movie release, the oyster farmer, then make the effort. It is one of those wonderful, simple films that only seem to get made in Australia – maybe the French could do it too, but they’d make it too pretty. I’m sure the US film industry would be saying “but there’s no story!”.

Forget all that, this is a great story, eye-popping photography, lovable characters – perfectly underplayed, scenery that you’ll never forget and music that fits it perfectly.

the hawkesbury riverNot only that, but I have a google map location! There are a couple of scenes in the movie where a train snakes along the Hawkesbury waterfront… well, I reckon this is it, a siding with a small wharf to connect to boats that ply the system. Follow the river to the south west a little way and you’ll see some oyster leases that appear as dark lines (must be high tide).

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