Doing my bit for the National Debt…

Yes, I’ve been busily consuming… spending money. I confess to being a bit of a technosucker. I’ll usually find a justification for some gadget or another if I really want it.
I never could justify an iPod. Not heavily into my music, not really in need of a portable hard disk or even an organiser, but Mrs woo bought me a shuffle for my birthday, so I was naturally delighted.
Firstly, the shuffle is fantastic – I’ve turned into an avid music listener… exploring parts of my music library I haven’t visited for years. BUT… the earbuds are (literally) a pain! They fall out unless you jam them into your ear so hard they hurt. Never mind the 12 hour battery life, one or two was all I could stand. Until I found Griffin Earjams. Believe me, if you have an iPod G3 or later or Shuffle, you owe it to your ears to get these. They only cost me $18 over at