we’re going dynamic!

I’ve recently been lucky enough to participate in the recommendation of a Content Management System for the University of Melbourne. In the process I learned a little about CMSs so I thought it was about time I tried one out myself.

I didn’t want to try Mambo. Partly because I knew people on the original development team and I sort of felt too close to it, but after several recommendations I thought I’d better try it and see what it would offer me – well, I have to say, it installed beautifully, but that was about the end of it! it’s waaaay too busy and complicated for my needs.

So, I looked around at what else there was – thought Typo3 looked nice and clean, so I installed that. Again, a nice easy install, but after a couple of hours I still hadn’t worked out how to change the templates, so I decided that it definitely wasn’t the cms for me!

I’ve now installed my third cms – well, perhaps cms is a grand word for it, lets say ‘rich blog’ – WordPress, and finally it seems like it’s a back end I can understand. The easiest and quickest install of them all. Not only that, but when I was adding links I happened to visit Eric Meyer’s site and found that he’s using it too! what exalted company!! OK, so it’s a way off being and enterprise system, but it’ll do me (for now!). By the way, straight out of the box it does valid xhtml – nice!